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At California Cleanin' Pools, our philosophy is simple. We just do two things, and we do them very well. Cleaning and repair.

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               Pool Repairs in Santa Clara, Pool Repairs in San Jose, Pool Repairs in Sunnyvale or Pool Repairs in Campbell.

    My pump is making a loud noise?

    My pump is not running!

    My pool is green or Yellow!

    Why is my pump noisy?

   We specialize in Swimming Pool Acid Washes

 If you are just looking for a pool related repair. You have come to the right place.

 California Cleanin' Pools

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First and foremost

Safety, as a home owner with a pool is tops on your mind. Are my kids safe? Are my drains safe? Is my pool safe? Now we can meet your Drain safety needs. We can replace your drain covers and (not loose a drop of water) or we can drain your pool and put in an unblockable drain.  We also perform regularly scheduled pool cleaning and Pool water maintenance in the Santa Clara,  San Jose,  Sunnyvale,  Mountainview and Campbell area.  This is perhaps the most important thing that can be done to maintain both the quality of water in your pool, and the longevity of the equipment that powers your pool, like pumps, filters and heaters. If your pool isn't clean and SAFE, you're not going to use it.  California Cleanin' Pools carries that load for you, so you can relax in your personal resort any time you like without any concern for the state of pool maintenance or the purity of the water.

A Great Investment



The second thing that California Cleanin' Pools does is to perform the repairs on any of your pool equipment that become necessary. Our years of training and experience are your assurance that your pool equipment is always in good running order and performing at it's best.California Cleanin' Pools carries that load and is licensed, insured and bonded for you as well.


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To get an estimate, please reach out at your convenience.  we will discuss the services you need for your project. Pool repair service in Santa Clara California. 

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